The first step of ordering circuit boards through PCB Genius online is deciding your order type: Genius Standard or Genius Custom.

The Genius Standard option is our most popular selection. Made for a genius on a budget, this option offers the best value with prices starting as low as $12/unit. While the configuration options are limited, our high quality, free tooling, free electrical testing,  and 1-week standard production time aims to balance it out, making it the most cost-effective choice for PCB prototypes and mid-volume production.

The Genius Custom option is best for complex boards that require more deviation away from standard specs. This option offers more customization for manufacturing and more flexible production times, making it the perfect choice for PCBs that require advanced capabilities.

To make it easier, we came up with this 4-step flow chart to help you decide which  option is right for your PCB design:

geniusstandardorcustom (1)