Our Universal Truth: The faster you order your PCBs, the faster we can build them and deliver them to your door. Whether you’re a first-time buyer or a seasoned veteran, it’s important you have everything you need to quote and order your PCBs as quickly as possible. The checklist below should facilitate that process:

 Order Type- Genius Standard or Genius Custom? (Not Sure? Find out here.)

 Part Number (include revision number to keep your designs organized)

 Your Delivery Deadline ( helps you pick the best production time and delivery speed during checkout)

 PCB Dimensions (in inches)

 Layer Count

  PCB Quantity

  PCB Format (Single Pieces or In An Array?)

 PCB Thickness (.062″ is standard)

  PCB Material Type ( We offer FR-4 or High Temp FR-4)

 Copper Weights for Inner & Outer Layers

 Solder Mask Color

  Legend Color

 Surface Finish Type

 Accurate and Complete Zip File with PCB Data (Use our Zip File Checklist to avoid manufacturing delays)

I’m Ready to Quote