To avoid CAM holds and prevent unneccessary delays with your order, we strongly urge our customers to double check their design files before submitting. If you’re working with us, we know you must be pretty smart, but sometimes even geniuses glance over the details. We created a checklist to help you cross your T’s and dot your I’s because afterall, the faster we start making your boards, the faster you get to use them.

Take 1 minute to make sure your PCB zip file contains the following: 

Dimensional Drawing
Drill Chart
Layer Stackup
Board Thickness
Material Type
Copper Weight
Mask & Legend Color
Fabrication drawing (preferred but not required, will be used for reference only)
Gerber Data (we accept ODB++,GBRX2. 274X,274D)
Outline Layer
Drill Layer (preferred as a gerber layer rather than NC file)
All required copper, mask, and legend layers